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Declaration of Consent

Reference & Criminal Background Check


Please read the Declaration of Consent carefully and sign below to confirm your agreement to the terms.

I declare that the information I have provided in the job application form, and in any submitted and/or attached
documents, is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I have answered the questions
fully and accurately.

I authorise Take Quadrant On Ltd to verify information presented on my job application form or in any submitted
and/or attached documents. I understand that these documents may include sensitive personal data.

I understand that Take Quadrant On Ltd may ask my referees questions, including but not limited to; my educational
background, work experience, achievements, wage history, performance, attendance, and reason for the
separation from former employment. I expressly authorise my referee to answer such questions.

I also authorise Take Quadrant On Ltd to if required (a) to contact the relevant UK authority (b) apply for a UK
criminal background check (DBS) on my (as appropriate); and (c) receive and copy the results of the checks at their
postal address. I agree that Take Quadrant On, my Hirer, referees and/or data providers (as appropriate or my level
of checks) shall not occur any liability, or claim for compensation whatsoever under the DPA/GDPR in respect of
any document or information obtained through such enquiries and I acknowledge that all referees are disclosing
the above information confidentially. I understand that the results of my check will be communicated to my
prospective Hirer who in turn may keep a copy on my personal file.

I understand and accept that Take Quadrant On may contact me, my referees or relevant authority by telephone,
email, or post for the purposes set out above. I confirm that my consent is explicit, fully informed and freely given
for the purposes of the verifications stated above. I confirm that I have read and understood Take Quadrant On’s
Privacy Policy and I am aware of my subject rights under DPA/GDPR.

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